Eye Movement Therapy (EMDR) for Depression

Eye Movement Therapy (EMDR) for Depression

Eye Movement Therapy (EMDR) for Depression

I asked Trevor Beech will EMDR help with depression and anxiety?

I have used EMDR for depression and anxiety with many clients with a good success rate.

In a lot of cases there has been a traumatic event at around the onset of depression,, working with this trauma helps relieve the anxiety and depression.

How does it work?

When a traumatic event occurs, it can get frozen in the memory systems of the brain with the original images and words remaining unprocessed.

These memories are constantly triggered causing a wrong message being sent out to the amygdala which in turn releases more adrenalin.  You can read more on the amygdala in my other article on parts of the brain. https://trevorbeech.com/2018/05/18/parts-of-the-brain/

How many sessions are required?

EMDR is a short term therapy every client is different but the average number of session are 6 to 12.

What area do you work in?

I have offices in Dorchester, Bournemouth/Poole I also do home visits in Hampshire and Dorset.


I have used Trevor before, I then moved out of the area so I decided to use Trevor's Phone/video service.  I could not believe how effective it was. No more travelling for me as I prefer this form of counselling saves so much time in travel.

Thank you so much for all your expert help and support over the last year. 

"I used Trevor for business coaching and was surprised by his array of  business knowledge. With Trevor's help I became more focused on  what direction I wanted my business to go."