Ten tips for finding happiness

Ten tips for finding happiness

Ten tips for finding happiness

Copy each heading and fill in below each one what’s unique for you.

“Example Actively pursue goals”

I will commit to swimming twice a week

  • Maintain an Optimistic Outlook
  • Don’t compare yourself to others
  • Exercise Gratitude
  • Engage the World with Kindness
  • Maintain Active Friendship
  • Learn to Cope
  • Learn how to Forgive let the past be in the past
  • Actively Pursue Goals
  • Have an Active Lifestyle
  • Know thy self, spend time in daily reflection

Change does not happen overnight it happens through daily reflection and making small changes each day, this way it will last because you are creating a positive habit 

I like to end my day with the following

Sage stands for:

Satisfied with today

Appreciate today

Grateful for



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