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The goal of this exercise is to increase awareness of what really matters to you in the life domain that you believe needs the most attention right now. Here we focus on so-called “values”.

Values are the things we consider to be important in life. Values are our heart’s deepest desires for the way

we want to interact with the world, other people, and ourselves. They’re what we want to stand for in life,

how we want to behave and what sort of person we want to be. Examples of values are: creativity, honesty,

Look through the list below and choose your top five.

freedom, etc.

Values are the answer to the questions:

▪ What’s important to you in your life?

▪ What is your life’s purpose?

▪ What do you enjoy doing?

▪ When do you feel satisfied and fulfilled

Values list:

AltruismArts Awareness
CommunityCompassion Choice
CompetenceCompletion Competition
ConnectednessCollaboration Cooperation
DiversityEnvironmental AwarenessEconomic Security
Education EffectivenessEfficiency
Expertise FairnessFamily Happiness
Fast PaceFreedomFriendship
HarmonyHonestyHelping Others
Influencing OthersInner HarmonyInspiration
LoyaltyMagnificenceMaking a Difference
Meaningful Work IntegrityMinistering
OrderPersonal Development Peace
Personal ExpressionPlanningPlay
PleasurePrivacy Power
Risk Responsibility & Accountability
Safety & SecuritySelf-RespectSensibility
Sensuality SerenityService
SexualitySophistication Spark
SpeculationSpirituality Stability
Status SuccessTeaching
TendernessThrill Unity
VarietyWinning Wisdom

Make a list of your top five values, then reflect if you are living your life by these.

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