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Our Support services show  you,  your company and your workforce, ways to achieve higher productivity, increased profits and healthier, less stressful, lives

We do this by our 2 practical, one-day, courses in Stress management and Public speaking and business and our executive coaching. Courses are arranged to suit your situation.

Just book a free consultation now to see how we can help you and your company.

Stress may be inevitable: You just need to manage it. Discover how with Trevor Beech!

Is this you or some of your employees? Not enough hours in the day to get everything done? Must follow a rigid routine? Becoming moody, and irritable, maybe even bullying subordinates? Can’t relax at home so family life suffers? These are all signs, not just of stress but of stress getting the upper hand. We can’t avoid stress altogether but Stress needs to be managed if life is to be worth living. Don’t let stress manage you!

Trevor Beech is highly qualified in counselling, life coaching and stress management and has many years experience in the practice of these skills. Trevor is here to show you how to manage stress both in the workplace and in personal life..  His one-day Course Number 2 provides:

Knowledge of the body’s responses to stress, enabling you to recognize the signs and symptoms of increasing stress

  • A better understanding personality types and their effects on the way we cope with stress

  •  An understanding of the way common thinking errors adversely affect our stress levels

  • Tools you can use to help in dealing with stress

  • A personal stress plan you can use to manage the stress in your life.

Benefits to be gained from attending the course include

Improved relationships in both working and personal lives

Reduction in working hours lost through stress related sickness

Work becomes much less frustrating and stressful leading to better productivity

A realistic insight into the causes of your stress, enabling you to avoid or manage them

The one day practical course gives you the tools to deal with stress in a more manageable way and includes;

  • Presentation by Trevor Beech himself

  • Practical group exercises and discussions

  • Supporting handouts and a CD for relaxation to take away with you

Ongoing one to one support is available if required. The course can be held in-house at your premises or at any suitable venue of your choice.

Discover the secrets of the great public speakers and presenters. 

Does this sound like you or any of your employees? Promotion to a new job or rôle in life involves making presentations, addressing meetings or even public speaking? Unaccustomed as you are to public speaking the prospect fills you with fear and trepidation?

The solution is simple. Most of the world’s great orators were not born with a special gift. They were trained for it. You can discover their secrets for yourself quite easily by attending Trevor Beech’s Course Number One and then practise. You may not become another Churchill or Lincoln but you will find all those meetings become more productive. Business presentations and occasional speeches get far easier to cope with.  After many years in the field of training and business coaching Trevor is well qualified to pass on the benefits of his experience.  These benefits to be gained from the course include:

  • You’ll overcome your fear of public speaking, resulting in less frustration and stress

  • Understanding what the very thought of standing up and speaking does to you, both mentally and physically and why you feel so nervous helps you to manage the stress

  •  As you improve the weakest aspects of what skills you already have and build on them, your personal image grows stronger and your presentations become more natural

  • Awareness of the common mistakes and how to avoid them helps to improve personal relationships and in business you’ll find your sales increase.

It is a one-day practical course which will give you the tools with which to manage and reduce the stress of public speaking and ;

  • Improve presentation skills

  • Include practical group exercise in which participants will prepare and deliver a 5 minute presentation to the group

The course includes supporting handouts and ongoing one to one support is available if required. The course can be held in-house at your premises or at any suitable venue of your choice.

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